ECO-MARA® Non-Profit Org

ECO-MARA® Non-Profit - Our objective is to raise money for scholarships, environmentally related degrees, to also enhance anti-poaching efforts by supplying rangers and units with necessary equipment to do their job at the highest level.

Some kids have the desire to go to Universities and excel, but do not have the financial means.  



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Fundraising Experts
Virtual Opportunity
As a non-profit, who has just started raising donations. We need fundraising experts to help us reach more people and donors.
Great for Teens, 55+, Groups (up to 5)
Graphic Design for on-line, pamphlets and posters
Virtual Opportunity
Need creative Graphic Designers to volunteer for on-line, pamphlets and posters illustrations of information regarding the mission, vision and future goals of Eco-Mara. Educate - Evolve ...
Great for Teens, 55+, Groups (up to 10)
Wildlife protection and preservation/ The BIG GIVE San Antonio and beyond on GiveGab
San Antonio, TX
We need volunteers to help Eco-Mara with the community and getting the word out there that we are part of the BIG GIVE once a year and the rest ...
Great for Teens, 55+, Groups (up to 5)
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On Facebook, you are invited to join our Fundraising AWARENESS Drive, ECO-MARA FUNDRAISING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS AND ANTI-POACHING